Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide the foundation for full-functioning replacement teeth which allow our patients to eat and smile with new confidence. Dental implants are a true tooth replacement solution because they replace the entire structure of the tooth, not just the top chewing surface.

Tooth loss can be due to trauma, accident, severe gum disease, tooth decay or even due to poor oral hygiene. We are specialized in advanced diagnostics and replacement of missing, broken and failing teeth.

Dental implants are biocompatible titanium posts designed to replace the roots of a missing tooth. Our doctor will surgically place dental implants in your jawbone, where they will fuse with the surrounding tissue. Once the implant has been placed and the healing process is complete, a porcelain tooth top or crown is attached to the implant to finish the procedure.

Dental Implants help maintain the shape and contour of face & smile which can go wrong due to missing teeth making the facial muscles sag.

We work hard to ensure that your treatment goals, your comfort and well- being are addressed and is our top priority.

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