best dental filling material

what are the best dental filling materials?

Whenever you have a tooth cavity, your life just gets harder. It’s hard to eat, sleep, and do your normal activities. The fast and ideal solution for your case is dental filling.

Choosing the best dental filling material will solve this issue and protect the rest of your teeth from infections.

In this article, you will have a complete idea about the best dental filling material available. Also, a consultation with your dentist will tell you about the material that suits your tooth conditions and personal preference.

What is the best dental filling material?

Our dentists work with many types of dental filling, and each case is unique and requires a special solution. Choosing the suitable type depends on the cavity size and allergic reactions, and we will discuss these one by one in this article.

silver amalgam fillings:

The main component in this type is silver, it also includes mercury, copper, zinc, and tin. It’s important to know the components because if you have allergic reactions to any of these materials, it’s better to choose another dental filling type.

However, silver amalgam filling is one of the best types because it lasts for a long time, about 10 to 15 years, with strong and stand chewing pressure, and its price is less than the rest of the dental fillings types.

The problem with the silver amalgam filling is it doesn’t have a natural appearance, and it causes a dark line on the gum because of silver, so it’s not the best option for the visible part of the teeth.

ceramic fillings:

It’s called porcelain fillings, as well. It’s sturdy, does not cause allergic reactions, and can stand pressure for a long time in addition to its natural appearance, which makes it a good choice, especially for the front teeth.

The drawback of applying ceramic fillings is that they can’t be used to fill small cavities, and your dentist can enlarge the area for the ceramic filling to fit in. and its price is higher than the other types of dental fillings.

Composite fillings:

This Filling material consists of resin and plastic. It’s a soft filling, and once it’s in the cavities it hardens and takes the shape of the cavity. its color is easily customized to match your teeth color.

however it’s not as long-lasting as the other types of dental fillings, it can only last for 5 to 10 years.

Glass ionomer fillings:

This Filling material consists of acrylic and powdered glass. This type is usually used to fill cavities in kids. and to protect the tooth from more decay, the filling releases fluoride into the tooth.

The glass ionomer fillings only last for a few years because they are susceptible to breakage or wear out, and they don’t have a natural appearance, either.

Gold fillings:

These fillings are usually made of 75% gold, that’s why they are very strong and can last for more than 15 years with suitable dental care. and you might like the golden appearance of your teeth.

They are more expensive than the rest of the dental fillings types not only because they are made of gold but because the preparation process to make, and apply these fillings is complicated and expensive, as well. You will need to visit your dentist a couple of times to get your gold fillings in place.

After understanding the best dental filling material used to treat cavities, it’s time to decide your personal preference and think about what you care about the most. During the consultation with your dentist, you will have the most suitable type of dental fillings to feel relieved, and satisfied with the outcome. book your consultation with one of our experienced dentists by calling: (954) 475-8100

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the following are our express answers to the frequently asked questions related to the best dental filling material:

best dental filling material

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Which type of filling lasts longer?

The gold fillings have a long-lasting duration, lasting more than 15 years, and they can stay longer with the appropriate dental hygiene and good general health. Then comes the ceramic/ porcelain fillings, which last from 10 to 15 years with good dental care.

 What is the safest type of filling?

Gold is considered the best dental filling material in terms of safety; however, some people don’t like to use gold fillings on the front teeth, so the second best dental filling material is porcelain because it does not cause allergic reactions or release any chemical in the month like the silver amalgam fillings. However, there are a lot of factors that determine which type of dental fillings are your best option.

 What is the strongest filling?

All types of dental fillings are strong and have great durability except Glass ionomer fillings. so you don’t have to worry about the fillings’ sturdiness. the dental fillings can stand chewing pressure, and with the proper general health, and teeth care, your fillings will last even longer.

these are the most asked questions about the best dental filling material, and the common types, if you have any questions, tell us in a comment or call to book your consultation with one of our dentists at Sunrise Dental Office:  (954) 475- 8100